Bhaagon Waali 29th September 2011 Written Episode

Summary :

The evil six build up hopes that Runjhun might sympathize at their condition and come to relieve them of their misery and poverty.
Diamond makes an attempt to show them the right path, but is utterly unsuccessful.
Runjhun is haunted by memories of Babli begging on the streets, and so is Guddu.

Babli is telling everyone that Mittho and Billo had sent her, and told her to approach well-dressed people and beg for money. She did as she was told and even got some coins, which she shows to her parents.

Kalsanwali and Vishnu are angry and devastated and curse Mittho and Billo for doing such a lowly deed. Rajju tries to defend his wife but Vishnu cuts him off and asks how Rajju would feel if it were his daughter MD in Babli's place. He says if Rajju was that much in need of money, he should have himself gone and begged on the streets. He is lamenting about how everyone here is greedy for money and doesn't cares about anything else. He turns to Babli and makes her understand that whatever anyone tells her to do, she should not listen to them from now on.

Vishnu asks her why she was so breathless, to which she replies that when she was begging on the streets, Runjhun and Guddu spotted her and thats why she had to run away from there.

Mittho is already doing some mental calculations. Kalsanwali gets mad after listening to Babli and blasts at her co-sisters for embarassing her daughte [...]

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